Is a Saltwater Aquarium More Difficult to Keep?

September 26,2016

That depends upon the person who is responsible for the tank. You've probably heard the horror stories that abound. But, with today's knowledge of how to design, setup and maintain a marine aquarium coupled with major advances in aquarium technology, even the total beginner can enjoy a little piece of the ocean. That's not to say, however, that caring for a saltwater aquarium is not without its challenges. There are things to learn and a stricter list of procedures to follow.

Atop the list of skills needed to manage your own saltwater aquarium are patience and planning. Unlike setting up a goldfish bowl, installing a marine tank requires a slow, methodical approach. If you try to cut corners, you're asking for trouble. There are things to learn as well as numerous things to consider, so seeking the assistance of a professional is a wise first step for any saltwater beginner. What might seem logical is often the opposite when designing a marine aquarium. For example, a smaller saltwater tank is more difficult to manage than a larger one. That's because a larger aquarium offers a more stable environment.

Learning the parameters for keeping marine fish can make all the difference in success and absolute failure as a saltwater enthusiast. The water quality, temperature, lighting, salinity and selection of marine animals all have a major impact on the health and well-being of your tank's residents. After you work with a local aquarium specialist, the knowledge you acquire and apply can make maintaining a marine aquarium no more time consuming than a freshwater tank.

For help in selecting the right aquarium, aquascaping, filtration and lighting systems, water pumps, saltwater fish, invertebrates, etc., stop by Coral Logic Aquariums. Our staff is passionate about designing, building, installing, stocking and helping you maintain a beautiful marine environment. If you're only interested in enjoying a marine aquarium at home or work, we can provide a turnkey approach complete with a routine maintenance agreement.

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