Residential Aquariums

When it comes to residential aquariums, we do it all from helping you design your saltwater vision to building custom cabinetry with a full lighting concept to complement your home or office. We use only the highest quality materials, advocate environmental responsibility, and work with numerous manufacturers and contractors. Our staff is always ready to help any customer who wants to give our beautiful fish or living coral a great home.

Design, Delivery and Setup

Coral Logic Aquariums provide the sales, installation and service of residential aquariums ranging from 10 to 300 gallons (even larger if needed or wanted). By applying the latest in marine aquarium technology, we help you keep your marine life healthy and your aquarium looking its best.

Marine aquariums have the power to enhance your life with a relaxing and often mesmerizing saltwater environment. A stunning and vibrant residential aquarium from Coral Logic Aquariums can be designed to complement the unique architectural features of your home or satisfy any theme you have in mind. Whether you choose a fish-only system, a living reef or a combination of both, our staff will work closely with you to design an aquascape that fits perfectly in your home.

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