Custom Aquariums & Tanks

Everything begins with a custom aquarium design. Since your aquarium will become a centerpiece of your home or office, it is important to ask lots of questions to help us make the best recommendations for your saltwater environment. Marine aquariums are much more than the fish tank, itself. In addition to picking out saltwater fish or living corals, you will need an aquarium design with the right aquascaping, lighting and filtration systems. Here at Coral Logic Aquariums, our staff takes the time to go through each system with you, so you understand which aquarium is best for your investment.

Making Your Saltwater Dreams Come True

We can build, install and maintain any size marine aquarium. We can help you design a custom cabinet to match your decor as well as create a full lighting concept that compliments any room. To make your dream aquarium a reality, call Coral Logic Aquariums today.

When it comes to custom aquariums and tanks, we do it all. Whether you are interested in a large custom aquarium or are just starting out with a saltwater tank, Coral Logic Aquariums has everything you need. Our staff is here to assist with your every need. We are passionate about what we do and want to ensure you give your saltwater fish and coral a great home. If you already have an aquarium, we can bring your tank up-to-date with a redesign that includes new plumbing, aquascaping and lighting. Our technicians can also breakdown your existing tank to relocate your aquarium as well as install custom cabinetry.

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