Commercial Aquariums

At Coral Logic Aquariums, our passion is bringing your saltwater dreams to life and keeping your commercial aquarium healthy and looking beautiful year round. Nothing helps to calm your customers, clients, patients or guests better than a vibrant, living marine aquarium. We take the guesswork out of designing and installing a new aquarium for your office, lobby or waiting area. From a simple setup with saltwater fish to an elaborate living reef, we can help you select the right fish, coral and plants for any commercial environment.

We Eliminate the Hassle

Once you decide on which aquarium best fits your space, we will provide the design, installation and service for any size commercial aquarium. Coral Logic Aquariums specializes in custom designs and sizes, while working with contractors to provide a perfect marine environment. 

Since the timely cleaning and proper maintenance of the components that make up your marine or reef systems are essential to preserving a beautiful and stable saltwater environment, we can put you on a regular schedule for service by our maintenance partner. We have worked closely with AquaticPro Solutions for years and are certain that you'll appreciate their maintenance expertise as well as their ability to resolve tank and system issues. Routine maintenance not only helps with the health of your tank but removes build up that can keep your commercial aquarium looking great!

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