Aquarium Relocation Services

Relocating a marine aquarium can be difficult enough without having to worry about the wellbeing of your fish and other marine life. We have the expertise and all of the necessary tools and equipment to dismantle, transport, clean, reassemble and acclimate marine life to your saltwater tank. When you choose to work with Coral Logic Aquariums, we make sure that your saltwater tank makes it safely to its new destination.

Moving or Just Ready for a Change?

Let Coral Logic Aquariums take the worry out of moving your marine aquarium. Our technicians will disassemble, carefully pack the livestock and tank to move them to your new home or office.

Whether your marine aquarium is moving to the space next door or across town, the professionals at Coral Logic Aquariums can help. In addition, we work closely with trained technicians who can evaluate your equipment and make any necessary upgrades, modifications or replacements to ensure that your saltwater aquarium is operating at peak efficiency. We will manage and oversee the entire relocation process, to ensure that your aquarium is functioning properly and meets your expectations.

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