Aquarium Maintenance & Service

Regular maintenance of your aquarium is essential to support the balance of marine life that lives in your saltwater tank. In keeping with Coral Logic Aquariums' objective to make successful reef keeping and saltwater aquariums accessible to a wider audience, we work closely with AquaticPro Solutions to offer marine aquarium enthusiasts in Jacksonville, Florida and the surrounding areas a variety of maintenance options to keep your tank healthy and beautiful.

AquaticPro Solutions

"We really enjoy working with AquaticPro Solutions. AquaticPro Solutions provides water changes approximately once a month in addition to taking care of our aquarium food needs. AquaticPro Solutions is very prompt and very accessible, which we like." - Deerwood Resident

AquaticPro Solutions aquarium maintenance services include:

  • Water changes using Reverse Osmosis (RO) water
  • Mechanical media changes (filters, socks)
  • Glass cleaning and environment agitation
  • Water testing
    • PH Level
    • Salinity
    • Nitrates
    • Nitrites
    • Alkalinity
  • Supplement additions as needed

AquaticPro Solutions is happy to provide one or all of these marine aquarium services on a regular schedule that is convenient for you or your business. Our extended service areas include all communities and subdivisions in Duval, St. Johns and Clay counties.

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