Aquarium Design & Installation

At Coral Logic Aquariums, we specialize in innovative aquarium design and installation. We can help you design an aquascape that will naturally enhance your home or office. Marine aquariums offer a soothing environment that is both unique and dramatic. We can provide a vibrant aquarium design that will complement any space as a room divider for a commercial lobby or as the centerpiece in your home. Whether you choose to create a saltwater aquarium with live fish only or are interested in developing a living reef, our professional staff can help you achieve your unique vision.

Marine Aquarium and Reef Installations

Coral Logic Aquariums is committed to providing the highest standard of customer service for all Jacksonville, Orange Park and St. Augustine marine aquarium installations. Plus, ask about expert maintenance programs for keeping your marine art thriving and beautiful.

If your marine aquarium is part of a home or office construction project, our staff will work closely with your builder to incorporate your design. We can furnish all of the requirements for plumbing, electrical, water feeds and custom cabinetry to make sure your aquarium design & installation exceeds your expectations. For more information about our aquarium design team and how we can help you care for your tank, coral reef or marine life, use this site's contact form or call us at (904) 551-6528.

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