Ocean's Blend

A complete line of chemical additives and purifying agents specifically designed for the saltwater aquarium hobbyist.


Calcium: Ocean's Blend Calcium is designed for those aquarium salts that have low levels of calcium. You may also use it if you find you want to be your own tank's chemist.


Iodine: Ocean's Blend Iodine increases soft coral growth. Iodine is also said to aid bleached coral by helping rebuild zooxanthellae. You can also use Ocean's Blend Iodine in short coral dips.


Magnesium: Magnesium is a major building block for corals and other marine organisms. Some aquarium salts, start off with low magnesium levels, so additional magnesium should be added. The balance between calcium and alkalinity can depend on a proper level of magnesium.


Strontium: If you are one that craves excellerated coral growth Ocean's Blend Strontium is an additive for you. Elevating strontium levels help calcification from coralline algae to small poplyp stony corals. Strontium can be safely increased to (20 ppm), which is twice as high as natural seawater (9 ppm).

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