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KENT Marine Advanced Solutions for Aquatic Life

Liquid Calcium

Calcium Supplement for Reef Type Marine Aquariums

KENT MARINE LIQUID CALCIUM is an easy to dose liquid formulation that provides the essential calcium that corals and many invertebrates require. Will not affect pH or buffering capacity.

Tech CB Part A & B

KENT MARINE TECH CB PART A & B is an ionically balanced, complete calcium and alkalinity control regimen for all marine aquariums. When A & B are used together they will raise both the calcium and buffer levels in the system. This product is simple to apply and ideal for hobbyists seeking a low-maintenance solution to managing calcium and alkalinity levels.

Tech M Magnesium

Magnesium Supplement for All Marine Aquariums

KENT MARINE TECH M MAGNESIUM supplement is an ionically balanced product that safely raises the magnesium level in any marine system. Magnesium plays an important role in helping maintain the calcium concentration in reef aquaria.

Reef Carbon

For Use in All Aquariums

KENT MARINE REEF CARBON contains essential Activated Carbon for use in marine and freshwater aquariums. Contains a fine coal-based carbon to remove organic pollutants, stain, and entrained toxic gases.

Nitrogen Sponge

Ammonia & Nitrate Adsorber

KENT MARINE NITROGEN SPONGE is a granular zeolitic medium that directly adsorbs ammonia in freshwater and fosters anaerobic bacteria growth to reduce nitrate levels in both marine and freshwater aquariums.

Garlic Xtreme

Attractant & Food Supplement for Marine or Freshwater Fish

KENT MARINE GARLIC XTREME provides a nutritional, natural attractant to help finicky eaters to take food. Contains no artificial ingredients or steroids.

Pro-Scrapers With Stainless Steel Blades

The KENT Marine Pro-Scrapers with metal blades are ideal for removing coralline algae and calcified deposits in glass aquariums. The stainless steel blade is rust-resistant and provides for smooth scraping. With handles made from fiber glass and blade attachments from h5 ABS plastic, these units will not rust and resist breaking.

Pro-Scraper metal and plastic blades are interchangeable and replaceable.

Pro-Scrapers With Plastic Blades

KENT Marine Pro-Scrapers with plastic blades are ideal for cleaning scratched glass or acrylic. With handles made from fiber glass and blade attachments from h5 ABS plastic, these units will not rust and resist breaking. The plastic blade will gently scrape off most naturally-occurring algae without scratching the glass or acrylic surface.

Pro-Scraper metal and plastic blades are interchangeable and replaceable.

Sea Salt

KENT Marine Sea Salt provides the essentials to simulate a natural seawater environment. Formulated using fine grain salt to dissolve easily and supplies an enhanced blend of both vitamins and minerals. These provide marine animals and algae everything they need not only to survive but thrive in their artificial environment. Fully buffered and provides a broad spectrum of beneficial major and minor elements, vitamins, trace minerals, and enhanced levels of calcium, strontium, and iodide. KENT Marine Sea Salt starts by using only the purest ingredients available. This is critical as to not introduce unwanted organics, phosphates or nitrates into the system.

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