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stacks_image_B761587B-AFA4-4C38-966A-4F167E53C593stacks_image_BE82840B-1CD0-45F3-87B5-DA45FFC432DF Our SMART UV Lite models are designed for space conscious pond keepers with smaller ponds. Each SMART UV Lite is made of UV resistant plastic, comes with a Lifetime UV Housing Warranty*, and features our SMART Ballast. Models are available with Socket, Barb and Union inlet/Outlet ports.


Also available with wipers:
18 Watt - 02218-W
25 Watt - 02225-W
40 Watt - 02240-W
80 Watt - 02280-W

*UV Housing carries a lifetime warranty against UV degradation and manufacturing defects.

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