Marine Coral

Our beginner corals are proven to be hardy, less demanding, and perfectly suited for the beginning hobbyist. To ensure the best care for your marine coral, be mindful of individual husbandry requirements to include lighting, water flow and placement as well as supplement and dietary needs. Our live rock can add bio-diversity to your marine aquarium, help clarify your water and provide a built-in food source for certain species of marine life.

Live Corals for Beginners to Experts

Coral Logic Aquariums specializes in all species of coral, including small polyp stony, long polyp stony and soft corals. Many of our LPS corals are quite hardy and can be fast growing. These are generally easier to keep than SPS corals.

In reef aquariums, it is always important to leave adequate space between the different species of hard and soft corals. This will help to avoid problems with growth or aggression. Most of our soft corals grow rapidly in reef aquariums. These are relatively hardy corals and work well for the inexperienced reef aquarist. By adding live rock to your marine aquarium, you add an important food source that will also help to keep your water crystal clear.

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