Fish & Livestock

From colorful saltwater fish to the most delicate marine life, Coral Logic Aquariums has one the best selections in Jacksonville. We have partnerships for livestock with unique sources that are able to obtain some of the most prized marine species available. Many of these popular saltwater fish come in a variety of colors and sizes and our experienced staff can point out which ones are best suited for each level of marine aquarium enthusiast.

Our Passion Is Marine Aquariums

Aquarium technology is always advancing and our staff is always testing new practices to provide our customers with knowledgeable information, so everyone can improve their own piece of the ocean.

Coral reefs abound with vibrantly colored marine life and are the largest and most fragile of all aquatic environments. We offer a large selection of captive-bred and wild corals to choose from with unique marine aquarium environments that are well suited to support these unique animals. Live corals are the most important contributors to the structure of a saltwater reef in nature as well as in a marine aquarium.

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