Aquarium Therapy For Physical and Mental Wellness

April 11,2017

Aquarium Therapy For Physical and Mental Wellness

The benefits of flowing water seem to be almost universal.  People listen to CDs that include sounds of rain, pounding waves, and trickling streams.  People flock to the beach to take in the soothing sounds of the surf rolling onto the shore.  Still other people go fishing and enjoy the beauty of lakes and streams as much as they enjoy the catch.  Many of us seem to agree that the sights and sounds associated with water tend to mesmerize and calm us.

A new study that was published in the journal Environment and Behavior has provided evidence that doses of exposure to underwater settings can positively impact people’s well-being by reducing stress, lowering blood pressure and heart rate, lessening anxiety, reducing muscle tension, and uplifting mood.  To keep us centered and balanced, we need to focus on ways of relieving the daily stress that is created by living the crazy hectic lives of today.

Owning an aquarium or fish tank is one way to bring not only peace and tranquility back into your life, but it offers health benefits as well.  Size doesn’t matter; as long as your aquarium has the bubbly sound of moving water and is decorated with colorful fish, rocks, corals and/or plant life, you should reap the benefits of stress reduction, decreased anxiety, reduced pain levels, and increased productivity and motivation.  Because of the calming effects of watching these beautiful colorful movements in water, you will likely find that your quality of sleep will be better.  Additional findings show that after just a few short minutes of watching the life inside the tank, Alzheimer’s patients exhibit less aggressive behaviors and are happier.  When placed in the dining room, these same elderly patients tend to eat more and require fewer supplements.  Yet another study shows that children who are exposed to an aquarium may sleep better, feel more secure, and develop a deeper curiosity to learn more about nature in general.

A fish tank is a wonderful way for the entire family to add some physical and emotional wellness in their lives. If you are uncomfortable setting up a tank, choosing compatible fish and corals, or dread the prospect of tank maintenance, call Coral Logic Aquariums to discuss options that fit your home and budget.

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